County Elected Officials


Franklin County Constitutional Officers (4 Year Terms)

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Clerk of Court: Michelle Maxwell (N) 2024

Property Appraiser: Rhonda Skipper (D) 2024

Tax Collector: Rick Watson (R) 2024 

Supervisor of Elections: Heather C. Riley (R) 2024

Sheriff: Tony "AJ" Smith (R) 2024 

Superintendent of Schools:  Stephen Lanier (R) 2024


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Franklin County is governed by the Franklin County Board of County Commissioners. Franklin County is divided into five districts. One County Commissioner is elected from each district. Each Commissioner serves a four year term. Commissioners are chosen in a partisan election by voters from the district in which the commission candidate lives. 

Board of County Commissioners (4 years)

Note: County Commissioners and School Board Members are elected by single member district. (Only voters within District may vote).

District Commissioners:

 District 1:  Ricky Jones (R) 2024

 District 2:  Cheryl Sanders (R) 2026 

 District 3:  Anthony Croom Jr (R) 2024  

 District 4:  Ottice Amison (D) 2026

 District 5:  Jessica Varnes (R) 2024



Board of County Commissioners
33 Market Street
Suite 203
Apalachicola, FLorida 32320
Secretary Michael Moron 
Phone 850-653-8861 ext 100

County Commissioners meet 1st and 3rd Tuesday of month, 9am, County Courthouse Annex

For more information on your County Commissioner CLICK HERE

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Franklin County School Board (4 Years)

All School Board Members run as Non Partisan and are elected in single member districts. Each member serves 4 years and is then eligible for re-election.

School Board Members:

 District 1: Melonie Inzetta (NP) 2024

 District 2: Pamela Marshall (NP) 2026

 District 3: Fonda Davis (NP) 2024

District 4: Stacy Kirvin (NP) 2026

District 5: Jared Mock (NP) 2024


For more information on the Franklin County School Board CLICK HERE