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News and Public Notices

Pursuant to F.S. 101.5612, the Logic and Accuracy test for the Optical Scan Tabulation System to be used for the August 20, 2024, Primary Election, will be held at the Franklin County Supervisor of Elections office on Tuesday, July 30, at 10 AM.
L & A testing is open to the public, but please be advised we are a small office with limited space. Please coordinate with your candidate and party representatives if you plan to attend. 

The Elections Office will be closed on Wednesday, June 19th in honor of the Juneteenth Holiday.

All Precinct 5 (Carrabelle) Voters will now vote at the new location 302 NW Ave F, Carrabelle, FL. (Formerly the Carrabelle Garden Club)

Official Notice of General Election 

Official Notice of General Election Spanish 

The 2024 PPP Post Election Audit will be held on Monday, April 01, 2024, at 10:00am at the Supervisor of Elections Office. All canvassing board meetings are open to the public. 

 Public Notice Regarding Signature update

L&A Testing


Early Voting Dates for the March 19, 2024 PPP Election: March 09 - March 16th.
Times: 8:30 - 5:30 daily

We offer two convenient Early Voting Locations:

47 Ave F, Supervisor of Elections office
912 NW Ave A, Carrabelle Courthouse Annex


Canvassing Board Orientation meeting will be held:  February 5, 2024 @ 11:00 am at the Elections Office, 47 Ave F, Apalachicola, FL.


Due to recent election law changes, Vote by Mail requests now expire after each general election cycle. If you want to vote by mail in the 2024 elections, you must submit a new request.

VBM request forms will be mailed out to all voters who had a request on file during the 2022 General Election, or you may request online using the Vote by Mail request tab on our website.

Election Security Facts

Attention Voters 



Canvassing Board Meeting s actual cost of signature verification of an initiative petition is $0.10 per signature.

 VBM Guidance for envelope issues:

If your return Voter's Certificate envelope arrives pre-sealed, please contact us immediately at 850-653-9520 to have a replacement envelope mailed to you. You may also come by the Elections office located at 47, Ave F, Apalachicola and pick up a replacement envelope.
You may also carefully open the top of your envelope with scissors or letter opener,  place your ballot inside, sign and date the envelope in the space provided and seal the envelope with tape. This will not cause your ballot to be rejected.
If your ballot arrives to you damaged, please notify us right away at 850-653-9520 for a replacement ballot and other options available to you to cast your vote.


 Notice to Voters VBM Information